Lovely working for the new moonlight


Lovely working


Smiles to make the dreams travel


and hear musics of life that are composed together


A Brazilian musician, whose inspiration arises from nature, the feminine sensibility and the hopes of those who pay attention to the environment and human values, tries to finish writing a song that he would present at the occasion of the concert for the environment in the Brazilian capital of the Pantanal, Corumbá, bordering Bolivia.
The social creativities of local popular cultures that the composer discovers in Brazil and in Bolivia resonate in his imagination and strengthen his conviction that sustainability concept is feminine.
Rediscovering in Bolivia the Andean figures representing the relationship between the earth and the female, which goes back to the native cultures and glimpsing the female as the earth hand and time hand, his inspiration is delivered: it’s “lovely working for the new moonlight” , sense of the word “development” in Quechua and title of a new song.