Highlight the role of the solidarity economy actors  
and territorialize the sustainable development




1.Define the technical and practical criteria  of  sustainable innovations of solidarity economy
2.Explore, compare, inventory  on the ground  the  sustainable innovative activities of  solidarity economy
3. Qualititive modelling  of sustainable activities in the solidarity economy ..
4.Set up an interactive portal (Web 3.0) for direct sharing of experiences, practices and projects between  the actors of solidarity economy
5.Map, disseminate, publicize  and make known the actors, the initiatives and the innovative activities of solidarity economy.
6. Put in network the innovative actors of the solidarity  economy  and the institutional and not institutional producers of knowledge to allow them to share their information, to strengthen the knowledge and the research on the solidarity economy, to improve the practices, to study the cultural and methodologicalcal pattens of transpositions , to provide decision support  to the public actors and promote the dissemination.
7.Develop links to share information and knowledge between stakeholders, practitioners and researchers including Europe, Africa and Latin America
8.Promote  actors and activities of solidarity economy adopting the principles of sustainability and encourage the adoption of the principles of sustainability in the solidarity economy
9.Facilitate cooperation and  links that would develop the solidarity economy and its sustainability
10.Make visible the approachs towards sustainability implemented by entrepreneurs in solidarity economy and promote  theirs promising initiatives.
11 Give added value to sustainable development micro projects from solidarity  economy combining reducing extreme poverty and environnemental protection
12.Make of the ESSAS network its own contracting authority  to facilitate this mapping to be continued and expanded by the actors  themselves of the solidarity economy on an intercontinental scale starting from Europe.