Education in the world of Diaspora (Zygmunt Bauman) 

                                                                                               Liberal project of Multiculturalism (Bodgan Szarek)

                                                                  Full text in English :  Globalization and Multiculturalism & Sustaintability and Interculturality  (Léo Dayan)



Territory Engineering in the test of Sustainable Development



The territorialization of public policies invites civil actors to participate in local development. The imperative of sustainability is displayed in the main directions of local authorities. The obligation to encourage competitiveness incites the territory to become the conductor of its own development. Economic globalization makes, in multiple forms and to varying degrees, local communities globalized and multicultural. How to articulate local sustainability, which has meaning only in the overall sustainability, local competitiveness, which requires cross-sectoral synergies, social solidarity, which requires a national regulatory framework, the global economic system, which reconstructs the actors, borders and markets, and multicultural societies, which interculturalizes sustainable development, and allow the local to play a major role in economic and international conceptions of sustainability, global work but local implementation ?

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Chapitre 1 : Le Développement local durable à l’épreuve de l’Etat, du marché et du mondial (Léo Dayan)
Chapitre 11 : Pour une régulation décentralisée de la durabilité de l’économie mondiale (Léo Dayan)



The Algerian SME & the challenge for Globalization



The approximately 300 000 SMEs in Algeria are the most fragile in the Mediterranean area. Concerning the internationalization of SMEs, the public authorities are confronted with multiple questions.

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Chap.8:  Défis, atouts et stratégies des TPE et PME du local : exemple du secteur du tourisme en Algérie (Léo Dayan)